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About Paladins – The game paladins free to play. this is one of the most played games online. this game is created by evil mojo of the studio of hi-rez game is released in 2016. players can play this game on several platforms so like  – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. (Paladins Promo Code)

paladins promo code

this is hero shotting game in this game users can enjoy the battle with each other. its is based on the sci-fi fantasy. you will be playing with weapons guns or etc.

The game is a multiplayer game you will be comping with other players around the world and you have o battle with them in order to win. this is an easy game to play you will find no difficulties to understand this game.

Moreover, this is the game you can play single or multi. in this, you can face all the fantasy and all thrilling experience.  “Abyss”, the “Thousand Hands” and the “Pyre”.

What is the story of Paladins?

The Paladins was a group of magical warriors who united the realm through strife and sacrifice. The Sentinels were a military elite unit working under the magistrate taking the most difficult of missions. The Summer Court are a group of faeries who wage an endless war against the encroachment of modern civilization.


Paladins Codes 2020 | Pc Paladins Codes Switch 2020 | Paladins Codes Ps4

I am sure you will find this useful. The paladin’s prom code is out you can use this promo code to unlock other precious items you can get free skin, gold, new abilities, and new avatars.

I am not going to give you false hope about the promo code if you are playing the paladins you know about the promo codes.  here i have explored some of the platforms for you guys.

Now I am going to tell about the real thing about promo code –  there is no official promo code for the paladins. but it used to be so many promo codes for paladins realm royal. this all the platform tells you about them to give you the working promo code. it’s all lies.

here i am going to analyze all the promo code paladins and whats suits for you best & going to tell you some tricks and tips about this game this may use the information for you.

First, i put the list of the promo code that has ever listed on the web. you can see it by yourself. you can try to apply the promo code. 

  4. M6TF-F4NK-2LEE RR8Q-52N9-2NGM –
  5. 3CMDT-64X3Q-67KRR-4JYYR-G7VJZ –
  6. PBEB16F4B4EB60909
  7. PBEB039513B260909
  8. PCNW3802C655360719
  9. PBEB3DF4B4EB60909
  10. PCNW3802C009060719
  11. PCSY1304FFE0160719
  12. PCNW34DF76B2160719
  13. PCBC1E975BA7360719
  14. PCSY18FE15DEE60719

This is the paladin’s promo code you can have this promo code use it by yourself this may come in handy if you. the following promo code are expired or if can be useful for certain users. on some conditions.

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Radiant Chest Roll – APXRCRCBD47071212

Infernal Seris – APXSFCAEB58D71212

  • a4rg44ttg
  • IDDQD 
  • sasasdsds
  • asdasdas
  • asdfasdf
  • hjgkjh
  • Jdjsisj
  • dsadas
  • xasvdba
  • asdrasdr
  • saddsa
  • wkwkw
  • sadasdasdasdasdasda

These codes can give you free skins and as i mention above free crystals weapons and other sci-fi items. i have set all the code here, you can use these codes to get this item. but do remeber i don not support these codes officially. it might not work. but i have added it here. you can try as you wish.

How To Apply Paladins Promo Code?

First, to apply the promo code on this game you need to follow some steps i recommended. you need to create the account on a paladin its free to paly to everyone. now you will enter the game on the left-hand side you see the interface of promotion click on that now another interface will open with many options you need to fin the redeem promo code click on that. now you can enter the promo code.

What Things Are In This Game (GAMEPLAY)?

This game consists of HD graphics in this game you will find the new avatar you are playing I tell it’s amazing you have to play this game in teamwork, coordination, the strategy you can also communicate via voice or chat. you can talk to your friend while playing this game.

How To Play Paladins(Realm Royale)?

However, This game is quite easy to play you will find the problem to play this game i suggest you can use the video on youtube this would better if i tell you about this herby world I am sure you won’t get it if will be good you watch the video. i haven’t made the video yet but ASAP i will deliver it here,

thank you all i will keep updating this page for more information.

you can share your reviews in the comment box. tell us about your experience and give everyone tips about this game.

Who is the best character in Paladins?

    • Androxus. Androxus used to be a noble lawman of the Outer Tribunal circuit judges. …
    • Cassie. Cassie has always wanted to journey around the world and fight against the magistrate. …
    • Dredge. Dredge used to be an admiral and a fearsome pirate. …
    • Drogoz. …
    • Makoa.

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Is Paladins better than overwatch?

There is a version on Hanzo in Paladins which has the lunge and rapid fire but it better than in Overwatch. … Even though Paladins has healers, there are no health packs because everyone has a health regen after being out of combat for so long.

Is Paladins pay to win?

The net result, according to multiple complaints in the Paladins subreddit, is that gold has been made effectively useless, and Paladins is now a pure pay-to-win proposition: You either fork over money for Crystals (the real-money currency), or you live without the bonuses.

What does flank mean in Paladins?

Flank Class is a Class in Paladins. The Flank Class is generally more focused on indirect offense, which involves surprising enemies in order to score quick eliminations. Flank Class Champions are typically lower healthed, but that compensates with the fact that they are more speedy and have powerful attacks.

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